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Put simply, our many years of experience and professional services knowledge lowers the cost of projects for our clients.
We meticulously scope your project, detailing the requirements and working with end-users to understand their needs.
As professional services IT experts, we deliver best practice backed up by in-depth experience of all the major platforms and software used in your industry.
We are unique, not only in terms of our blend of skills and expertise with the market-leading solutions such as iManage, Videmand's App2.TV, Docs Corp and Litera, but also our history of successful relationships with leading law firms and professional services organisations.

At a glance

Experts in document and email management – a key requirement for professional services firms.
‘No borders’ approach alleviates issues between complementary technologies.
Finely-crafted implementation procedures proven during countless projects.
Identification of key issues plus best practice guidance to navigate to the solution.
Track record of consistent ‘on-time and in-budget’ delivery engenders confidence and peace of mind.

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Why use our custom development resources?

By using our enterprise architecture techniques, we facilitate consistent development approaches and efficient operational deployment models that allow businesses to address the inherent inefficiency and inflexibility of typical, large IT systems. Utilising our custom development resources makes good business sense too as the majority of our clients have seen reduced project costs of up to 60% compared to in-house, as well as reduced operating costs and total cost of ownership. It’s a win:win solution.

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